Q: Why should I use POWER LIBRARY rather than just surfing the web?

A: POWER LIBRARY gives Pennsylvanians access to authoritative, subscription-only information that isn’t available through free search engines or web directories.


Q: How reliable is POWER LIBRARY information?

A: Very. While we cannot ever be certain that all information in the POWER LIBRARY databases is accurate, you can be confident that it has been reviewed and compiled by subject experts and is more reliable than what you might find with a random search.


Q: What is a POWER LIBRARY database?

A: Think of a database as a “virtual” book shelf that holds information pertaining to a particular subject. These collections of resources (“databases”)—anything from genealogical records to newspaper archives to health information—are compiled and edited by publishers.


Q: Who pays for POWER LIBRARY?

A: POWER LIBRARY is a service of Commonwealth Libraries, a Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. It is supported by tax payers of Pennsylvania.


Q: Why is POWER LIBRARY a valuable service?

A: POWER LIBRARY offers Pennsylvanians and their libraries access to materials that they otherwise would not have.


Q: What if I can’t find an answer to my question?

A: POWER LIBRARY offers 24/7 CHAT with a librarian. Ask a question, and you’ll either have an answer or be pointed in the right direction.



A: Pennsylvania’s Electronic Library brings together in one place access to the collections and resources of libraries across the state.


Q: Who can use POWER LIBRARY?

A: All residents of Pennsylvania can ask a librarian a question or search for a title, read an article, look through photos and documents, or find information that may not appear anywhere else on the web.


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